Gloucester, MA and Cape Ann Adult Group Training

Stronger Together

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

I founded Allied Strength on the belief that we are all Stronger Together. At Allied Strength you are not alone on your journey towards your goals. You will have a program tailored to your current ability level that will always challenge – but never defeat  – you. In our small group setting you will receive attentive coaching to assure you are performing exercises correctly and not risking injury.

While some may have hesitation about training in a group and/or that they would rather train 1 on 1,  after experiencing the energy and encouragement that group training offers we believe they will understand how impactful and supportive it is. You will not find a better training environment in the area.

The Allied Strength Adult Group Training Session

Adult group training sessions are 50-minutes long and are constructed to improve movement quality, increase strength and lean mass while boosting your metabolism to burn body fat. Each session begins with a 20-minute Active Warm Up to improve movement and tissue quality, improve agility, and power output.  The active warm up is followed by 20-minutes of Strength Training, utilizing full body movements to maximize results. Each exercise has progressions and regressions to match your current ability level and grow with you as you get stronger. The  session ends with 10-minutes of high intensity conditioning to focus on fat burning and cardiovascular endurance utilizing our Assault Air Bikes, weight sleds, SlideBoards and battling ropes.

Members are also supported with nutrition and recovery education to further assist them in reaching their goals.

Julie (Group Training Member) on her Experience Training at Allied Strength

Tara (Group Training Member) Talks About Her Experience Training at Allied Strength


You Are Invited to Experience What Makes Allied Strength Special

You are invited to Allied Strength to tour the gym, sit down and discuss your training goals and try out a session before signing up. I so confident you will love your experience at Allied Strength and that you will quickly understand what separates us from other gyms and fitness facilities in the area.

If you are interested, please contact us so we can setup a time for you to stop by, check out the gym, sit down and talk about how we can help you achieve your goals and go through a training session. And never hesitate to contact Allied Strength if you have any questions.

Group MemberShip Details and Rates:



  • 2x/Week (Monday/Wednesday) or (Tuesday/Thursday) – $99/Billed Every 14-Days
    •  6:00PM Monday-Friday and 9AM on Saturday Morning
  • 3x/Week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) or (Tuesday/Thursday/Friday) – $139/Billed Every 14-Days
    • 6:00PM Monday-Friday and 9AM on Saturday Morning

3-Month Commitment:

At Allied Strength we ask you to commit to us, so we can commit to you. We don’t want you to make great progress for 30-days and then lose all of that progress as old habits return. We want to commit ourselves to helping you achieve your goals and then help you to achieve new and once seemingly impossible goals. After each 3-month (12-week) commitment your membership will renew to month to month unless you chose otherwise.

Money Back Guarantee:

It is our goal to not just deliver the best training experience of your life, to make you feel and move at your best, provide an unmatched training environment and of course great results. It is our goal for you to love training at Allied Strength.  

If you show up for at least 75% of your sessions  (6 out of 8 sessions for 2x/week or 9 out of 12 sessions for 3x/week) and feel it is not the right fit, you can get a full refund within 28-days of your first training session. Again, the only stipulation is that YOU MUST HAVE ATTENDED A MINIMUM of 75% of your group training sessions. To put it simply, we can’t help you feel and move better than ever and get in the best shape of your life if you don’t show up. We believe that if you show up and put in the work, you will not want to train anywhere else.