Athlete/Client Testimonials

Keith (Personal Training Client) on his experience training at Allied Strength

John (Personal Training Client) on his experience training at Allied Strength

Julie (Group Training Member) on her Experience Training at Allied Strength

Tara (Group Training Member) Talks About Her Experience Training at Allied Strength

Kevin’s knowledge and attention to detail have been very important in helping me to achieve my fitness goals.  More important, though, has been his personal investment in my progress, both during our sessions and on his own time, tailoring and adjusting my program to my specific needs and circumstances.  Since day one, it has been clear that Kevin genuinely enjoys his work and wants to see his clients succeed.  I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their fitness, whether they’re a beginner or a long-time athlete.”

-John Ciccio

“Kevin has helped me achieve my athletic and fitness goals at multiple stages in my life. When I was a high school junior, I suffered a torn shoulder labrum which threatened to derail my hopes of getting recruited to play college baseball. Based on the recommendations of the coaches at Mike Boyle, I worked with Kevin, who designed a training plan that not only helped my shoulder return to full mobility, but ultimately provided me with the strength and conditioning that helped me excel during my season and get recruited to play baseball at Amherst College. Years later, as a consultant at Bain & Company who was struggling to maintain my fitness due to a busy work and travel schedule, I once again consulted Kevin for a plan to help me regain my health and conditioning. Kevin delivered once more, this time with another unique and personalized training and nutrition plan that helped me achieve great results. All the while, Kevin was tremendously responsive, professional, and thoughtful – he consistently goes above and beyond to do whatever it takes to get his clients results. Overall, whether you’re an aspiring college athlete or a working professional, Kevin is the trainer you want to work with. Simply put – he’s the best there is.” -Louis Hunt

Profesional Testimonials

“You won’t find a more knowledgeable or caring coach than Kevin Larrabee. Cape Ann’s fitness options just got a whole lot better”

-Mike Boyle

Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning

“As a coach, Kevin has demonstrated a high-level of proficiency with not only evaluating and making movement better, but also relating complex topics in a simple, understandable way. As a person, Kevin has a great heart, outgoing demeanor, and strong enthusiasm for helping others. I’m excited to see the wonderful impact he’ll have at Allied Strength and give him my highest recommendation.”

-Eric Cressey

President, Cressey Sports Performance

“Kevin is a devoted and caring coach with many years of experience in the fitness industry. He’s committed to ongoing learning and mastery — spending the last decade meeting and working with literally hundreds of with the best practitioners in the business — and to serving his clients with the most up-to-date methods in strength and conditioning.”

-Krista Scott-Dixon

Precision Nutrition