Allied Strength is Closing to Groups Effective Today. Personal Training and Remote Coaching Only

Good Morning Allied Strength Community,
I have made the decision to close Allied Strength to all group training effective immediately. (Also I posted a video message about this on Facebook and Instagram).

While the facility can still be open, I will only be offering personal training and 2-person personal training sessions for adults and athletes. For the safety of the community in and outside of Allied Strength it’s the right call.

As you know from my previous email, I am putting together contingency plans so we can still train remotely. This includes kits of equipment that I have ordered, rentals of conditioning equipment, distance coaching, live personal training and group training via video conference. I want to do whatever I can to make sure you can continue training in whatever way makes the most sense for you. Even if you have little to no equipment at home you would be able to participate.

For these take home kits, I hope to have more detail on this later today or tomorrow. I just ordered even more equipment for these take home hits for folks. My plan is to rent/loan them out with the programming.

As of right now I only have enough equipment for about 9-10 advanced strength training kits (includes a foam roller, bands, 2 kettlebells of different weights, Valslides, a TRX). And them about 5-6 basic training sets (bands, valslides, 2 dumbbells)  I will have other options with less cost that will focus more on bodyweight training (including valslides, bands, water jugs or weights you have at home).

If you have your own equipment at home I can also program for that.

Also, separately from the kits, I am going to rent out 3 of the air bikes and 3 of the slide boards.

The programming will mimic everything we do at AS with regressions, progressions and variations based on what you have at home.

Again, I hope to have the training options outlined later today or tomorrow for everyone who would like to continue their training at home, would want one of the strength training kits, or conditioning equipment.

As for billing I am going to go through everything in the next 2-3 days and send out emails about refunds and cancellations for already paid for group training.

THANK YOU so much for all of your support. Allied Strength is a tight community and it wouldn’t exist without you and your support these past 2.5 years. You will never know how much it has meant to me. I hope I can provide the same support for you with some great workouts going forward. And thank you for your patience as I figure out the best possible way to support you going forward.

If you know you will be interested in either one of the take home strength kits and/or live coaching remotely, renting the conditioning equipment, moving to personal training, or if you need anything else, please get in touch via email or my cell phone.

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