Allied Strength is Closing to Groups Effective Today. Personal Training and Remote Coaching Only

Good Morning Allied Strength Community,
I have made the decision to close Allied Strength to all group training effective immediately. (Also I posted a video message about this on Facebook and Instagram).

While the facility can still be open, I will only be offering personal training and 2-person personal training sessions for adults and athletes. For the safety of the community in and outside of Allied Strength it’s the right call.

As you know from my previous email, I am putting together contingency plans so we can still train remotely. This includes kits of equipment that I have ordered, rentals of conditioning equipment, distance coaching, live personal training and group training via video conference. I want to do whatever I can to make sure you can continue training in whatever way makes the most sense for you. Even if you have little to no equipment at home you would be able to participate.

For these take home kits, I hope to have more detail on this later today or tomorrow. I just ordered even more equipment for these take home hits for folks. My plan is to rent/loan them out with the programming.

As of right now I only have enough equipment for about 9-10 advanced strength training kits (includes a foam roller, bands, 2 kettlebells of different weights, Valslides, a TRX). And them about 5-6 basic training sets (bands, valslides, 2 dumbbells)  I will have other options with less cost that will focus more on bodyweight training (including valslides, bands, water jugs or weights you have at home).

If you have your own equipment at home I can also program for that.

Also, separately from the kits, I am going to rent out 3 of the air bikes and 3 of the slide boards.

The programming will mimic everything we do at AS with regressions, progressions and variations based on what you have at home.

Again, I hope to have the training options outlined later today or tomorrow for everyone who would like to continue their training at home, would want one of the strength training kits, or conditioning equipment.

As for billing I am going to go through everything in the next 2-3 days and send out emails about refunds and cancellations for already paid for group training.

THANK YOU so much for all of your support. Allied Strength is a tight community and it wouldn’t exist without you and your support these past 2.5 years. You will never know how much it has meant to me. I hope I can provide the same support for you with some great workouts going forward. And thank you for your patience as I figure out the best possible way to support you going forward.

If you know you will be interested in either one of the take home strength kits and/or live coaching remotely, renting the conditioning equipment, moving to personal training, or if you need anything else, please get in touch via email or my cell phone.

Allied Strength Summer 2019 Sports Performance Group Training

The Allied Strength Sports Performance Program has gained an incredible reputation around Cape Ann and beyond from athletes, parents and coaches. We help athletes take their game to the next level by getting them faster, stronger, and reducing their risk of injury. Come experience why everyone is raving about our sports performance program. Learn more here.

"​​You won’t find a more knowledgeable or caring coach than Kevin Larrabee. Cape Ann’s fitness options just got a whole lot better"

- ​​Mike Boyle

​Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning

Thank you for your interest in the Sports Performance Program at Allied Strength. Our program has an unmatched reputation in Cape Ann and beyond for helping athletes from middle school to the college take their game to the next level. While below you will find specific details about the summer schedule and pricing, it is recommended that you visit our main Sports Performance Page to learn more about the program at Allied Strength.

The Allied Strength Summer Sports Performance Program begins on June 17 and runs until August 22. This summer Allied Strength will be offering two training options:

  • 2x per week (Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday) 
  • 3x per week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday/Friday) 

Our group times will be 6:30AM or 3PM Monday through Friday.

The Sports Performance Groups are capped at 7 Athletes per group to prioritize the athlete training experience and allow for optimal coaching and feedback. This also means group spots will most likely sell out, please lock in your days/times. 

My son is a competitive swimmer and was having shoulder pain. Kevin has been working with my son for two months now and not only is the pain in his shoulder gone, he is swimming faster than ever, and ​loving working out with Kevin's expertise.

Summer 2019 Session Options:

*The Summer Session runs from June 17 - August 23

If there are spots available, you may join the Sports Performance Program after June 17 and have your session cost prorated accordingly.

  $ 599 

​2 Sessions Per Week

*Summer Session runs from June 17 - August 23

For 2x/week we request athletes train: (Monday/Wednesday) or (Tuesday/Thursday)

  • Sessions at 6:30am or 3:00pm Monday-Thursday
  • 10-Weeks (20 Sessions)
    *Athletes can join before or keep training after the start date at a prorated rate
  • 80-Min Sessions
  •  Join Anytime at a Prorated Rate

  $ 849 

3 Sessions Per Week

*Summer Session runs from June 17 - August 23

For 3x/week we request athletes train: (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) or (Tuesday/Thursday/Friday)

  • Sessions at 6:30am or 3:00pm Monday-Friday
  • 10-Weeks (30 Sessions)
    *Athletes can join before or keep training after the start date at a prorated rate
  • 80-Minute Sessions 
  •  Join Anytime at a Prorated Rate

​Jade Cromwell


Girls Varsity Soccer

I started training at Allied Strength in the Spring in the Athlete’s Program, and it has helped me tremendously. I was not only able to build my strength and muscle mass, but my overall fitness level dramatically increased. For those looking to play a sport in college, Allied Strength prepares you for a higher level of competition. This gym has a great atmosphere, and there are awesome people who train here!! I highly recommend this place for all ages!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We Accept These Payments

In Defense of the Push Up

In Defense of the Push Up is my follow up to discussions that have come up in the MBSC staff meetings the last few months. Michael Boyle and I have had fruitful debates and discussions on this over the last 6 or 7 years. My goal with this video is to continue the discussion while also using it as an educational opportunity. 

In this video I talk about why I think the push up is the best horizontal pressing exercise, when do athletes become “overhead athletes,” why I fell out of love with the bench press, the best coaching cues, correctives, regressions, progressions to use and some crucial programming strategies to help anyone make progress in the push up, chin up, deadlift, squat and more exercises that have big jumps in progressions. 

No matter where you fall on this discussion, I hope you come away with some new thoughts and tools when coaching and programming the push up.

You can download the notes from the powerpoint here

Allied Strength Athlete Sam Groleau Named Winter Sport All-Star

Congratulations to Allied Strength Athlete Sam Groleau for being named Winter Sport All-Star by the Gloucester Times Sports Team. Sam has worked hard this winter to get stronger and keep his shoulders healthy during a tough swim season. Here is what the GDT had to say about him:

“The sophomore was a standout in both the 100 breaststroke and 100 backstroke, winning the NEC and earning first team All Conference status for his work in the former. Groleau competed in both events at the North Sectional Meet, scoring Gloucester’s lone point in the backstroke and earning a trip to the Division 1 State Meet, where he finished 16th.”

Sam has a bright swim career in front of him. He is already back at Allied Strength to prepare for next season.

Allied Strength Athlete Mia Cromwell Named Winter Sport All-Star

Allied Strength athlete Mia Cromwell was named Winter Sport All-Star by the Gloucester Times Sports Team for her achievements in track & field:

Mia Cromwell, Manchester Essex track and field: The junior is the Manchester Essex program record holder in the 1,000m, and she broke her own record twice this season en route to All League honors. Cromwell won the CAL in the event and finished second at the Division 5 State Meet before turning in a top-15 finish in the event at the All-State Meet. She set a new program record in the 1,000m at both the Division 5 and All State meets.

Well deserved recognition for her achievements! She has been consistently working hard in the gym to get faster and stronger. Glad to see it is paying off!

Allied Strength Athletes Mia Cromwell and Sam Groleau in the News

It has been a busy few weeks for Allied Strength Athletes Mia Cromwell (Indoor Track) and Sam Groleau (Swimming). Both made it to All States in their respective sports and set new personal records in their events.

Sam placed 16th overall with a new personal record time of 1:03.21 in the 100 Yard Breaststroke as a Sophomore and today was named All Conference for his successes this season. He is already back to work at Allied Strength preparing for next season.

At the Indoor Track All States Meet on Saturday Mia placed 13th overall and set another personal record time in the 1000m (3:02.79) after just setting a previous best and breaking the Manchester-Essex High School record two weeks before. She is also be back in the gym this week to prepare for her Senior season of soccer in the fall and next year’s track season.

They both should be very proud of the work they put in and for showing up regularly to train in pursuit of their achievements. They deserve a lot of credit and praise for that. I can’t wait to see how they progress for next season.

Allied Strength Athlete Mia Cromwell Sets School Track Record

Allied Strength athlete Mia Cromwell set a new school record for Manchester-Essex High School in the 1000 meter at the Division 5 Meet this past Wednesday at the Reggie Lewis Center. Mia came in second overall with a time of 3:03.97 to earn a spot at the All State Meet on February 23.

Congratulations to Mia for making it in the Manchester-Essex High School record books for not one, but two sports in the 2018-2019 school year (the other being the first ever CAL Championship for Girls Varsity Soccer).

Read more about it in the Gloucester Times.

Reconceptualizing Youth Athleticism (Deceleration for Performance and Injury Prevention)

by Kevin Larrabee, CSCS, CFSC, PN-1

Above is the audio version of this article with some additional commentary.

Download the audio file by right clicking here (option-click on Mac) and selecting save-as)


First, thank you for taking the time to read what in today’s world is a lengthy article (that is why I put it in audio form as well), but for athletes, coaches, parents, strength coaches, trainers and fitness enthusiasts this information could change your and or an athlete’s career. It is my goal that this article will make you change the way you think about speed and performance training as well as the importance of smart and effective programming in reducing the risk of injury in youth athletes.Continue reading

Easy and Effective Sports Nutrition Strategies for Performance and Recovery Presentation

Thanks for taking the time to check out this 35-minute sports nutrition seminar. It will be incredibly valuable for athletes, parents and coaches. In it I cover the three most critical aspects of sports nutrition:

  1. Hydration
  2. Quick and Effective Breakfast Options
  3. Pre Event/Game/Practice Meals and Snacks

Without proper nutrition, athletes will see a drop-off in performance (especially at the end of games and throughout the season) and recovery (their ability to fully recover before the next practice or game). If you would like to follow along with the lecture, I have attached the PDF of the slides for download. If you have any questions or would like to get in contact with me, please do so here.