Allied Strength Summer 2018 Sports Performance Training

Allied Strength Sports Performance Group Training and Rates

June 18 – August 24 (10 Weeks)

*The  summer 3:30PM group time has been changed to 3:00PM

Allied Strength’s Sports Performance Program is Unmatched in Cape Ann

Sports Performance training sessions are 80-minutes long and are constructed to help athletes take their performance to the next level. We do this by improving movement quality, increasing speed, power, explosiveness and strength, all while reducing the risk of injury. Each session begins with an Active Warm Up to improve movement and tissue quality, improve agility, and power output. The active warm up is followed by Strength Training, utilizing full body movements to maximize results and minimize training risk. Each session finishes with high intensity conditioning to increase cardiovascular and muscular endurance. We do this by utilizing our Assault Air Bikes, weight sleds, as well as slide boards for lateral movement conditioning.

Our program also has considerations and modifications for overhead (baseball/softball/swimming) and other specialty athletes. 

Group Sizes and Scheduling:

Each group is limited to 8 Athletes to provide attentive coaching/feedback and optimal group flow. When a time slot sells out we will close registration for that group. While it is not guaranteed, if an athlete is unable to make a scheduled group time, we will do our best to have them make up the session at a different time and/or day. 

Summer Session Group Times and Pricing:

We offer 2x and 3x per week training programs. For athlete scheduling and to manage group sizes we request 2x/week athletes train on Tuesday and Thursday while 3x/week athletes train on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We will do our best to accommodate athlete schedules. We will also try to open up additional group times if needed.

*If space is available in the groups after June 18th, athletes can join at a prorated price.

  • 2x/Week – $595 (Additional Add On Session – $30/session)
    • 8:00AM (Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday) 
    • 3:00PM (Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday)
  • 3x/Week – $795
    • 8:00AM (Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday/Friday) 
    • 3:00PM (Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday/Friday)

We will do our best to accommodate athlete schedules that do not fit in the above days, please contact us to check.

To reserve your spot, payment must be made upfront before the start of the session. (Scroll Down for the Preregistration Form)

Learn more about our sports performance program below:

For more than seven years I have had the privilege to coach a wide range of athletes at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, from untrained middle school athletes just beginning a strength and conditioning program to elite level athletes in college and the pros. Before my time at MBSC I interned at Cressey Sports Performance. My decade of sports performance coaching and programming is the foundation of our program at Allied Strength.

Allied Strength provides a welcoming and encouraging environment that meets the athletes where they are now and challenges them to reach their perceived potential and then exceed it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t play sports, or if it is your first time in a strength and conditioning facility, or if you are a confident veteran.. Our athletes at Allied Strength will be driven to not just be great athletes, but to be excellent leaders and teammates and people.

Please contact Allied Strength with any questions.

Registration and payment is done at our facility at 27 Kondelin Road, Unit #4, Gloucester, MA


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